Detached from the Diocese of Nyundo, the Diocese of Cyangugu currently covers the two Administrative Districts Rusizi and Nyamasheke. After his erection on 14/11/1981, he was entrusted to His Excellency Thaddée NTIHINYURWA as Residential Bishop until his appointment as Archbishop of Kigali on...
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His Lordship Vincent H.

The diocese of Ruhengeri covers the same territorial area as the former Province of Ruhengeri. It is located in Northwest Rwanda in the Northern Province with a small portion in the Western Province, (Nyabihu District). It has an area of 1,665.06 Km² and is bordered on the North by Uganda, on...
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The Diocese of Kibungo was erected from the Diocese of Kabgayi on September 5, 1968, by His Holiness Pope Paul VI. It is in eastern Rwanda, with an area of 2,670 km2. It covers the eastern part of Rwanda and borders Tanzania in the east and Burundi in the south. It is composed of 18 parishes :...
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His Lordship Anaclet M.

The Diocese of Nyundo was erected on February 14, 1952, as Apostolic Vicariate of Nyundo. His first Bishop Monsignor Aloys BIGIRUMWAMI, who was the first African Bishop of what was then called Belgian Africa (Congo, Rwanda-Burundi), was crowned on June 1st , 1952. In 1959 the Vicariate of...
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His Em. Antoine Cardinal KAMBANDA

The Archdiocese of KIGALI is one of the nine dioceses of Rwanda. It encompasses the current Kigali City Council (Kigali City), a part of the Northern Province (Rulindo District and Gakenke District) and a large part of the Eastern Province (Bugesera District and part of Rwamagana District)....
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His Lordship Smaragde M.

The territory of the Diocese of Kabgayi covers an area of 2,187 square kilometers. This diocese is spread over four districts : Muhanga, Kamonyi, Ruhango and a small part of the Nyanza district in the South. The history of the Diocese of Kabgayi coincides until 1952 with the religious history...
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His Lordship Célestin H.

Founded in March 1992, the Diocese of Gikongoro covers the Nyamagabe District and some parts of districts of Nyaruguru, Huye and Nyanza in the Southern Province, and part of the Karongi District in the Western Province. The Diocese of Gikongoro was canonically erected on March 30, 1992 and...
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His Lordship Papias MUSENGAMANA

Le Diocèse de Byumba a été érigé le 5 novembre 1981, détaché du Diocèse de Ruhengeri et de Kibungo. Il a une superficie d’environ 5.100 km² et couvre la partie Nord-Est du Rwanda. Il fait frontière avec la Tanzanie à l’Est et l’Ouganda au Nord. Au Sud-Est il y a le Diocèse de Kibungo, au Sud-Ouest...
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His Lordship Phillip R.

From a geographical point of view, this diocese is separated from the Diocese of Gikongoro by the Mwogo River. The southern part touches Burundi while the northern part touches the boundary of Kabgayi Diocese. In the South East there is the Archdiocese of Kigali. Founded on September 11, 1961,...
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