Cyangugu Diocese

Presentation of Cyangugu

Detached from the Diocese of Nyundo, the Diocese of Cyangugu currently covers the two Administrative Districts Rusizi and Nyamasheke. After his erection on 14/11/1981, he was entrusted to His Excellency Thaddée NTIHINYURWA as Residential Bishop until his appointment as Archbishop of Kigali on March 25, 1996, and at the same time as Apostolic Administrator of Cyangugu. On 18/01/1997, the Holy Father appointed HE Most Rev. Jean Damascène BIMENYIMANA Bishop of Cyangugu.

The Diocese of Cyangugu has a living area of ​​1,125 km2, the rest being covered by the Nyungwe National Park and Lake Kivu. The total population is estimated at 650,003 inhabitants and Catholic Christians at 277,762 (according to 2015 statistics).