Catholic Church through its 25 year work in Unity and Reconciliation ; NURC nods

The Catholic Church in Rwanda, commended by the National Commission for Unity and Reconciliation (NURC) for having contributed immensely to the process of unity and reconciliation initiated by the country during the post-genocide period against Tutsis in 1994, prepares to expose to Rwandans and friends the work it has already done after 25 years in this process.

"The Catholic Church in Rwanda wants to retrospectively review its progress towards unity and reconciliation," said Bishop Antoine Kambanda, Archbishop of Kigali and President of the Episcopal Justice and Peace Commission (CEJP) at a press conference held at CEPR headquarters on 22 October 2019

According to Bishop Kambanda, this event is entitled "The Work of the Catholic Church in the Process of Unity and Reconciliation - Achievements 25 Years after the Genocide against the Tutsi in 1994". It will be held in Kigali from November 29 to December 1, 2019. The theme is : "Rwandan people - friends of Rwanda - let’s look together through the work of the Catholic Church in Rwanda".
According to the press release issued by the National Secretariat of the CEJP, the agenda of these 3 days is based on an exchange workshop on the achievements of the Catholic Church in the restoration of peace, unity and reconciliation after the genocide perpetrated against Tutsis in 1994 ; the exposition and the hearing of testimonies on the achievements of ecclesial authorities in Rwanda in the process of reconciliation ; a visit to the Genocide Memorial and finally a symposium with Church partners on the importance of working in synergy in the process of unity and reconciliation in Rwanda : current situation and perspectives.

NURC advances thanks

At this press conference, Fidèle NDAYISABA, Executive Secretary of the National Commission for Unity and Reconciliation (NURC), said that NURC and the Rwandan state welcome the Church’s contribution to the process of unity and reconciliation. "NURC and the Rwandan government are proud to count the Catholic Church as a partner in the reconstruction of Rwandan society that was torn apart by the genocide perpetrated against Tutsis in 1994, so much so that, in the eyes of some, cohabitation seemed impossible, "said Ndayisaba. NURC raises its hat to certain achievements of the Catholic Church, such as the comfort of the victims and the healing of moral wounds through the predication prepared for this purpose. "In this area, the Catholic Church in Rwanda has done a lot to make coexistence possible," said the executive secretary of the NURC.

In the Synod "Christian People’s Jurisdiction" (Gacaca nkirisitu), which took place within the Rwandan Catholic Church as it prepared to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Christianity in Rwanda and 2000 years of world evangelization, the Christians discussed together the historical and ethnic problems that tarnished the vision of the love of neighbor, after which they stipulated this recommendation : "Enlightened by the Gospel, I will no longer forget that you are my brother / sister ".
The reconstruction of unity and reconciliation among Rwandans, with the aim of bringing peace and good coexistence between people, was the main task of the Episcopal Justice and Peace Commission. And this mission is part of the social doctrine of the Catholic Church worldwide.